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With a membership at StuntCloudFACES you benefit from our features as:

Stunt Performer and
Physical Talents

With a membership at StuntCloudFACES you have the possibility to present yourself internationally with all necessary information.

Basic data of measurements and look, pictures and links to the homepage/showreel. Skills, further education and qualifications.

Prerequisite is that you are a professional stunt performer or artist, see below.

Stunt Coordinator, Caster, Choreographer

With a membership at StuntCloudFACES you have the possibility to find your perfect performer.

You get photos, measurements, projects, reels and skills at a glance.

Through the detailed filter function, all important parameters can be queried.

No more long searches.

Prerequisite is that you are professionally active, see below.

Membership requirements

This platform is for all professionals.

To be accepted as a member of StuntCloudFACES you MUST be professionally recognised.

The prerequisite performer and physical talents:

Professionally recognised stunt performer, athlete or artist.

At least 5 projects in full pay. Listed in IMDb or Crew United. 

Minimum age: 18 years

Stunt coordinator, caster, choreographer:

At least 3 projects in full pay. Listed in IMDb or Crew United.

Professionally accredited stunt coordinator, caster or choreographer.

Minimum age: 18 years


Membership can be terminated by StuntCloudFACES without notice if incorrect information is provided. Data is misused or there are justified complaints of discrimination, insult or sexual harassment.

The members themselves are responsible for the content and the clarification of rights for image and video material. Pornographic, violence glorifying and denunciatory image material will be deleted immediately.


Become part of the StuntCloudFACES network!

Register now and benefit from our features:

Performer &
Physical Talents

120 € per year
plus VAT
  • Worldwide available profile with all relevant info with up to 5 photos
  • incl. Showreel & links like to IMDb entry
  • Send your profile by email
  • Automatic translation of your profile into 3 languages: English, German, French
  • Possibility for registered stunt coordinators, casters and choreographers to contact you directly

Stunt Coordinator, Caster & Choreographer

180 € per year
plus VAT
  • No more searching!
  • Access to professional stunt performers and physical talents all over Europe
  • Performer profiles in English, German, French
  • Detailed and field-tested filter options that make it easy to find performers
  • Possibility to contact the performers directly

Who we are

StuntCloudFACES has its headquarters in Berlin-Spandau.

StuntCloudPROTECTION Webshop for protection and workwear.

Many years of experience in stunts and action in project supervision of major film productions gave us the idea to expand our network and make it available to everyone.


Stunt Cloud FACES UG

Freiheit 15
13597 Berlin

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